• MTT Associates recieves Veteran Certification
  • MTT Associates recieves MDOT Certification
  • MTT Associates receives TOP 500 Veteran Owend Businessses In America 2010
  • MTT Associates Wins Peoplesoft Opportunity for the State of Delaware
  • MTT Associates Partners with Compuware
  • MTT Associates Teams with Angarai International, LLC
  • MTT Associates opens location in Largo, MD

Mr. Theodore L. Ricks, Jr. - President and CEO

Mr. Theodore L. Ricks, Jr. - President and CEOWith over 27 years’ experience in the Information Technology arena, Mr. Ricks is a United States Army Veteran, recognized as a visionary leader and change agent who firmly believes that “nothing is beyond your reach.” Mr. Ricks is founder and principal of MTT Associates LLC, where he recruits top contributors that bring their experience and talent to bear on client engagements to meet stakeholder goals.

Mr. Ricks brings a sincere passion for coaching and mentoring young engineers to recognize their capabilities and opportunities. By employing an entrepreneurial philosophy, he has built a thriving business that emphasizes personal growth and accountability. This proved to be the consistent theme of the rapid, leadership-focused path he would forge with such firms as GE, Northrop Grumman, GTE, BMC Software. As a powerful and supportive leader, he overcame the challenge of “climbing the corporate ladder”. He learned how to leverage his strengths, proven track record, and positive communication style to secure advancement in management roles.

Mr. Ricks holds firm to the philosophy that “who you believe you are in business is who you will become.” Mr. Ricks dedication to continual improvement and lifelong learning is demonstrated through his achievements in organization management practice. Every year in the business demonstrates continual increases. His career is highlighted by maintaining an average annual growth rate of approximately 20%, with a significant number of years in the 30% range. Mr. Ricks offers his knowledge as a leader, which encompasses many types of markets within the IT industry.

Ms. Charnita Allen, Vice President of Federal Operations (click link for bio)
Mr. Frederick Smith Jr., Chief Information Officer (click link for bio)